Carefit Thermal Jade Massagers like korean companies @50% – 85% discounts

All of us had got many healing benefits by the use of infrared acupressure massage from korean companies like ceragem, nugabest, vigen, choyang etc. These massage machines whether these are manual or automatic thermal massage beds, had already proved their effectivity and are the best option for pain relief & disease control at home. These Korean company massagers works on the basis of production of deep penetrating infrared rays with the help of heated jade, tourmaline or hygeia stones.

These devices from such branded companies costs a lot and does not fit everyone’s pockets. Keeping this in mind, Carefit has launched the most awaited latest thermal massagers with the same originality of stones for home use at very affordable prices with the same benefits & functions as that of korean therapy. Carefit has launched both manual compact thermal massagers as well as automatic thermal massage beds with a price tag of almost half as compared to some leading companies. These Carefit machines are similar and some models are even more advanced than others in the market.

Infrared Acupressure Thermal Massagers are broadly classified into two categories:

1. Manual Thermal Massage (like Carefit JMP-590, Carefit JMP-6902, Carefit JMP-7902 Cgm P390, VTB-2000, NM2000 etc.)

2. Automatic Massage Beds (Carefit-5000, NM-4000, NM-5000, Hy-7000. HY-8500, Ceragem-Rh,C,RL1)


Carefit JMP590 & JMP-6902 models are the 9 ball jade thermal massage therapy devices  which are really compact, portable and small in size. These devices are ready to plug in and use by everyone. This massage creates the same type of health benefits as that of others like cgm p390, vtb2000 or nm2000 . There is no 3 ball jade projector (3 ball jade gives the same type of infrared rays as produced in 9 ball jade) or any attached controlling box. All the controlling options are given in the machine panel in case of JMP-590 or the lcd remote in case of JMP-6902 model. Carefit JMP-6902 model has an added advantage of 3 types of vibrations which can be used for fatty areas.

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Some of the people are greatly influenced by the presence of big controlling box and 3 ball jade projector as they are claimed to be beneficial at their respective therapy centres. We will like to say that the big controlling box is meant for big display containing a small control circuit in it. The same control circuit comes in the remote of our machine which is quite handy to use. You also do not need to go to the big box to control temperature every time while taking the therapy. The healing health benefits are the same as that of any manual thermal massage by ceragem, nugabest or vigen etc. (Disclaimer: All the respective trade marks are just here for reference only and are the property of their respective owners.)

The health benefits and comfirt level of the beds is far more than the manual thermal massager. In the Automatic Thermal Massage Beds market, there is a huge variation with price ranging from Rs. 1 Lac to Rs. 1.6 Lacs aprox. The massage beds come in two categories:

a) Half Body Massage Beds (Old Technique eg. Carefit-4000, NM4000, NM7000 etc HAVE ROLLERS IN THE BACK ONLY)
b) Full Body Massage Beds (Latest Technique eg Carefit-5000 HAVE 2 SET OF ROLLERS ONE FOR BACK AND THE OTHER FOR LEGS)

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The points of variation in features of beds are given below:

1. As is clear from the name itself, half body massage beds have jade rollers for the back rolling only. There is no jade roller under the leg portion. However, some of the companies provide simple infrared heating for the leg portion without any jade rollers. On the other hand, full body massage beds have jade rollers both for the back & leg portion. Carefit-5000 is a full body massage bed.

2. There is a difference in the external jade projectors also which are provided along with the bed. The external jade projectors are extremely useful for covering the upper body parts of our human body. Most of the companies either give 3 ball, 5 ball jade or maximum 9 ball jade projector with their beds. Carefit-5000 massage bed has two external jade projectors. One is 5 ball jade projector and the other one is 15 ball jade projector. 15 Ball jade is a foldable external projector which is very effective in covering joint areas, neck region etc from three sides at once due to its foldability.

3. The number of jade stones present for the back rolling also varies from simple 4,5 or maximum 7 jade stones. The latest carefit thermal massage bed has 9 jade stones for back rolling. Higher the number of jade stones, more will be the healing far infrared rays, beneficial for us.

4. Most of the companies do not provide any Auto lift in their beds. Carefit infrared therapy bed has Back Auto Lift in built into the system. This auto lift is highly beneficial for the paralytic, obese & old age patients.

5. Carefit-5000 has an inbuilt MP3 player with the help of which you just connect the USB drive, supplied with bed, and listen to various healing sounds, bhakti or devotional songs while using the therapy. In this way, one can have the benefits of Sound Therapy also while enjoying the bed.

6. Most of the beds are not meant for heavy usuage and their NW is anywhere between 30-60 Kg at most. The Carefit latest bed weighs approx. 100Kg. It is also equipped with wooden frame and has a very luxurious looks.

7. This bed is more advanced than the highly priced (Rs. 1.5 Lacs) beds from many companies and comes with a full service support anywhere in India.

8. Special Carbon-fibre panels are also provided in Carefit 5000 which may or may not be present in othe beds.

9. There are different working modes for back portion as well as leg portion in Carefit 5000 bed. Leg working modes are somewhat unique with Carefit.

This way, Carefit equipments are equipped with advanced features at very affordable prices for most relaxing therapy benefits. Definitly, its the BEST BUY MASSAGE BED with a low price tag & latest features. These devices give the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY to everyone.

CAREFIT devices are natural, effective, safe & drug-free and it may be the best alternative healthcare approach you have been searching for.

You too can enjoy wellness for Life.